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Keith has an impressive collection of Carvin guitars, in an assortment of finishes and options.

The first guitar below is a custom DC727, with an alder body, maple neck, and swamp ash top. Next to it is an custom alder/maple DC727C, in Pearl Silver with a Carvin-licensed Floyd Rose tremolo. Third is a custom 1994 DC127T, finished in translucent purple, and equipped with a Wilkinson tremolo and gold hardware. Fourth is a custom DC127C in clear gloss on alder with a maple neck, reverse inline headstock and Floyd Rose tremolo.

Second row, first guitar is an ’89 DC135TF, in Pearl Blue with a Kahler 2710 fulcrum tremolo. Next to that is a ’93 Ultra V with a Floyd-style Kahler tremolo. And then we come to the mighty 8-string. A 2012 Carvin DC-800 8-String with a Maple neck-thru body with Alder body wings, and a Maple cap, Jumbo Stainless steel frets, black chrome hardware.












Keith Millers current Amp Rig is:

Carvin X-100B Series IV Re-issue Tube Amps

2 Carvin 4X12 Cabs

Morley little Aligator Volume Pedal, and Custom Morley Wah

DigiTech GSP 1101, Control 2 Midi Controller

Ebtech rack mount hum eliminator

Mini AMp Gizmo Midi AMp Switcher (for controling the X-100 B’s via midi)