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Born with a love for music, Keith Miller started playing the viola, and then the violin in grade school at the age of 9. Keith dreamed of playing the guitar and his parents agreed that if he learned violin that they would get him a guitar. Keith worked hard and got a 6-string acoustic guitar for Christmas when he was 12. He then taught himself to play by learning chords from a chord book.

Keith advanced to writing his own songs and formed his first real band, “The Patriots”, in the 6th grade. The “Patriots” evolved into “Faith” a very good and promising band that Keith continued to play in until after high school when the band broke up. Keith continued playing violin though Junior High and sang in the choir in Junior High and High school.

In 1990 Keith Miller enrolled in Musictech College of Music in Minneapolis (Now Mc Nally & Smith College of Music). Always desiring to be more proficient as a guitar player and a better musician, Keith strived to master the guitar and music theory. After graduating from Musictech College of Music, Keith has kept himself busy with music by playing in bands, as well as doing recording/studio work. “PLEX’D” one of Keith’s most noted bands, received rave reviews in national magazines as well as some label interest. Keith also worked with the distinguished producer, Ira Ferguson.

While Keith still has plans for future side-projects, his focus now is that of a solo artist. With that, he has released three successful albums, “Groove Train.”, “CHALK”. and “Over the Abyss”. All three CD’s have been receiving great reviews and have charted in the top 10 most popular and best selling Instrumental Metal CD’s on both Guitar Nine Records and CD Baby. “CHALK” was also picked at #4 for Best Instrumental Release of 2004 by ©QUINTESSENCE METAL. Keith keeps very busy teaching guitar, doing studio work, and playing with his band. Be watching for him, and hopefull you will catch a show near you. Also be looking for a new CD for a fall or winter 2009/2010 release.