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Keith Miller is available for recording sessions, sideman gigs, touring, private instruction, and media events. If interested, please contact us at:  or 

Hey Friends – Time to get things Rockin again. Rehearsing up the band and recording again…. will be posting some more pics here soon too. Be looking for a new web-page coming up here soon. Stay Tuned! Lots of cool things coming.

New Promo from one of my endorsers.


Hey Friends, out now on Enteloden Records out of L.A. The new Enteloden Rising Vol. II compilation featuring my instrumental composition HEAD GAMES.

Hey folks, its Been awhile so I thought I better hop on here and post an update. Well, this wrist surgery recovery has taken much longer than I thought it would. I totally did not understand the complexity of it all – as far as the injury/surgery/recovery. I’ve had to relearn/retrain things and I have also had to learn to compensate for other things since my range of motion is very limited now (wrist doesn’t move very much). Luckily you do not have to move the wrist on your picking hand (right hand/wrist) very much but, it still is different and has effected the playing so, I am having to learn to adjust and re-adjust so to speak.  Its been a long road But, I am still here and I am Still working on getting the playing up to par. I will keep you posted. Rock on and God Bless.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to the New (Better) Year.  Still recovering from surgery (a year for full recovery) so it has kinda delayed everything…. I should however  be up to par enough by spring, I will then work on finishing up the Album. Well actually, I have started back up working on the things that I can now but, may have to save recording the remaining final solo’s till then as my chops are still not up to standard/normal yet. However, as soon as I can, I will finish the Album up. I will keep you posted. I plan to also re-schedule the west coast tour by then. Stay Tuned!

Be sure to check out some Rebellious Child tunes here:

UPDATE:  The Rebellious Child / KM West Coast tour for late August early September has been postponed due to I have to have surgery. However, this tour will be rescheduled as soon as possible.  Please stay tuned and I will keep you updated with the new tour dates.
In the Studio working on the new Album…. Hopefully will be wrapping it up here soon. Cory (old Drummer) was in town this weekend and we jammed Friday and Saturday…. Might be putting some shows together – will keep you posted on that.

Stay Tuned!  New and exciting things are happening. :-)
Here friends – I thought I would share this. Some of you may not know that I have a side project called Rebellious Child. Well, here is a review of the Rebellious Child (DEMO) CD from Rocktopia out of the UK.

Well – thought I better update this page a bit….  the 2015 Winter NAMM show was a blast!  one of the better ones.  It was Great to see and hang with my Bros Augustine, Stephen, Chris and Art (new friend and super cool fun guy) as well as Gilby Clark (Stephens good friend), Jack Frost, Tony, Ven. It was equally cool to see my Bro’s at Kiesel/Carvin guitars and  Carvin amps (Best guitars and Amps on the Planet!) Jeff, Albert, Manny – You guys ROCK!!!! Morley Pedals (Great Volume & Wahz ect….), as well as seeing and hanging with all the other friends and new friends (Please insert name here). Here are a few Pics from the show. I will be updating and adding more later more. I will also be adding more NEW News here shortly.




Well just got back from the 2014 Winter NAMM show. Had a blast as usual and it was Great to see and hang with my Bros at Carvin (Best guitars and Amps on the Planet!), Morley (Great Volume & Wahz ect….), as well as seeing and hanging with Augustine, Stephen, Chris and Vic, and all the other friends and new friends. Here are a few Pics from the show.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Just thought I would hop on to wish you safe and Happy Holiday season and, to also let you know whats going on. I am in the studio working on music (Both Instrumental and Vocal) so, be looking for shows to start popping up on the Calendar in March. I am going to start doing a mix of my Instrumental Guitar music as well as some of my songs with vocals. We are going to be pulling this off as a three piece. This should be fun and an exciting change for the show. So, I hope to see you at the shows – but for now feel free to check out some of my Music. For my instrumental music check out the music player to the right. For rebellious Child Tunes go here:

I will be doing the Red Carpet Event for Morley Pedals who I am very happy to endorse. Morley / Ebtech = Great products. Get a Morley and step on it!


Summer NAMM 2013 Nashville,


Just got back from the 2013 summer NAMM in Nashville – had a BLAST!  Nashville is a great town and there is live music/bands everywhere. Nashville really supports musicians and live music…. the town is always hoppin!  I Did some playing/demoing at the Vivid booth -  you can check it out here;

It was great to see my peeps at Morley (Bill is the coolest) and also my peeps at Vivid Amps (Dane, Nick, Danes wife, and also Nicks Mom – thanks for dinner guys),  as well as meeting some new friends like Ven (Dude! you ROCK!) and also his drummer – who I can not remember his name off the top of my head. Its  early and I am tired (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it). I also ran into to some other friends and met some new ones.Oh!  I guess I should add that my bass player Jonathan Thomas came down to the summer NAMM with me and he also had a good time…. It was his first Namm and, even though Summer NAMM is way smaller than Winter NAMM we still had a blast!  and Nashville as a town – seriously ROCKS!









NAMM – 2013


Hey Friends, I am back from NAMM 2013 and Augustine and myself had a blast! It was great to see my friends at Carvin, Morley, Evidence Audio, as well as Shane Gibson, Jack Frost, as well as some new friends and contacts ect…. Saw some cool new gear like the Carvin carved top 7-strings…. as well as some other cool stuff. I actually did some playing at this NAMM at the Vivid Power Amp booth…. These are class D power amps made for processors, Pre-amps, Modelers ect…. and I have to say they sound good -  I was pretty impressed.  I have some exciting news to share and will do so shortly…. I am currently back in the studio working on my new CD. I am also running auditions for a new drummer as Ted was not able to fill the spot. If you are a drummer or know of a drummer please contact me and we will set up an audition. This is a paid Gig – so you must be serious and able to travel as there is a mini tour planned for this summer. Oops – that was one of the exciting news topics… well that one is out of the bag…. more on it later…. as well as the other “Good News” topics :-) .































Here ia a Promotional Press release from the UK for Rebellious Child. Also look for Keith Miller and Rebellious Child in UK’s popular FireWorks Magazine



Ok, here are a couple pics from Saturdays band rehearsal. On Drums Ted Levine, and on Bass we have Jonathan Thomas.









Hello friends, I would like to introduce the new band lineup to you. On Bass we have Jonathan Thomas, and on Drums we welcome back Ted Levine. We started band rehearsals on saturday and everything is coming along very good. I am very happy with how soild everything is coming together. Look for show dates to be added soon.  In other news I am still cranking away on the new Album and am still looking at an early 2013 release. Also in the plans for 2013 is a CD where I/you will pick tunes off of my first three CD’s and then they will be re-recorded with my band in the studio…  This will give a much more powerful example of these tunes – especially the first two CD’s Groove Train and CHALK as they were very raw improv type recordings. Plus, the fact that I will be recording them with my band should be very cool…. Lets just say I am  really looking forward to it.

KM – 10-14-12


Hey Friends, say hello to the Mighty 8. This is my New Custom DC-800 8-String guitar from Carvin…. Absolutley ROCKS!!!!









Also, a couple other news bits. Fireworks magazine in the UK will be reviewing my CD Over the Abyss as well as my side project band Rebellious Child. Be sure to check it out. I will be posting the reviews on my web-page as soon as the current issue of the Magazine is out. Well, back to working on the CD. Stay Tuned!!!!




Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that the Rebellious Child CD is up and selling at CD Baby and all major digital download sites. Physical CD’s are also available from CD Baby and select stores. To check out full streaming samples click here:




Hey folks,  I am very happy to inform you that the Rebellious Child CD is done! Thats right – it is Done!  I am currently finalizing the mix and will then master it. Should be done with that in the next week. I am having Keith Simpson design the Art work for the CD as he did such a great job on the Over the Abyss CD art. The Rebellious Child CD is on time and will be released in March 2012. As far as the band lineup for Rebellious Child? Well, I am currently still auditioning for a bass player and drummer for Rebellious Child. I have not picked the finale lineup as of yet but, I will keep you  updated.  I would really like to see Rebellious Child turn into a real band. However, for now it is a band project/concept. I will keep you updated.

Instrumental CD? Well, it is in the works and I have been really juicin with new inspiration for it…. This CD I feel  is really going to be great!  I am getting back to me on this one…. Stay tuned as there is more to come….


Hello, I am back from the winter NAMM show…. What a great time (as usual).  It was great seeing and hanging with all my friends at Carvin, and Morley. It was also great seeing and hanging with my friends Stephen Martin, Augustine Ortiz, Chris, Toshi, Ronny, Kenny, Jack, Shane, Tim, Kristy, ect….

—- Janurary 2012—-

Hey friends, I thought I should give you an update on things. So, some of you are probably wondering where is that Rebellious Child CD????  How about the new Instrumental CD? Yes, they are in the works but, with most of my time currently being devoted to the Rebellious Child band and CD – the instrumental CD will/is taking a little longer to get finished. However, be patient as its a Killer…..

—- August 07 2011 —-

Hey Friends, welcome to the new web-page for GuitarSlinger Keith Miller. Check out the Music Player, Videos, and the new store where you can buy CD’s and T-shirts ect…. Be looking for updates on the new KM Instrumental CD and also, the new CD from Keith’s new band Rebellious CHILD.

—- July 6th —-

Hey Friends, I just installed a Music Player on the right-hand side of my web-page (Look right now, it is there).  I installed this so people can listen to full versions of tunes off of each of my CD’s with out having to click on the sample tab. You will also notice that I removed the Music (samples) tab/link as it is no longer needed since I have the player.  Another change, You will also notice that the BUY tab has been changed to say DISCOGRAPHY / BUY.  You can click on this tab to see a complete list of all of my CD’s and information on them. And then if you chose to buy you can click on any of the links of your choosing (CD BABY, Guitar Nine Records).  I will also be adding an online store so you can buy right from my web-page.
—- April 11, 2011 —-
Hey folks,  I know its been a little while since the last News entry but, I am in the finishing stages of the Rebellious Child CD….   This is the first CD with vocals I have done since my last band PLEX’D ….  I couple people have heard samples off of the disc and the feedback has been really good.  I have also picked a new drummer for the band line up – Welcome aboard Eric. We will be starting rehearsals for new shows in a week or two…. Stay tuned for show Details.  I have also accepted an endorsement with Traveler Guitar. I have been looking for somthing small that I could haul around with me – that would be handy just to keep the chops up, and also maybe something to use for warm-ups before shows – as sometimes its not practicle to grab your main guitars. I have checked out a couple of those necks with strings on them….. and they were ok… but, then I ran across Traveler Guitar.  These things are super smalll but, the neck scale is regular scale. It is perfect just to have with me – I can pull it out anywhere and always keep my chops in shape. And it will be great for warmups before going on stage. for before shows.

The New Instrumental CD is also on the way to being finished too. However, I decided to focus on finishing the vocal CD first….  The new Instrumental CD is pretty intense and a HUGE step….. or should I say leap from the previous ones.  Its still heavy, Still Melodic but,   Way more Intense all the way around. Stay Tuned for details.